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In spirituality/ metaphysics it’s common to talk about vibration.  A lot of good can come from understanding vibration in a general way, but often we can miss the greater music that is possible.  When we learn vibration on a deeper, more detailed level, it has many parallels with music.  Just like there are rich harmonies and melodies that can be appreciated when listening to audible music, there are aspects of our energy anatomy that function much like an instrument and which can create beautiful music in the form of states of consciousness.

“Before we make music, music makes us.” – Mary B.   JinShinJyutsu Master

Most traditional Chakra instruction is aimed at clearing the Chakras without learning how to play this “music of consciousness” to it’s fullest extent.  Clearing a Chakra is like tuning an instrument.   It’s an important first step but not a primary target for those who wish to create and express music.  Once an instrument is understood and tuned, single notes are then learned.  After that, the next step is to start to explore vertical harmonies in the form of chords.

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This is a class about how to create the music of energy and consciousness that the Chakras are perfectly equipped and naturally capable of.   The Chakras allow us to create and express the energetic/ psychological/ physiological states we desire when we understand how.  In so doing, we begin to live more consciously by choice and with intention and joy rather than by habitual patterns and triggers.

In this class the basics  of the “instrument” will be covered.  We will learn how to clear the Chakras (tuning) and then how to work with individual Chakras (single notes).  We will then continue by introducing and exploring combinations of Chakras (harmonies) that create the states that we experience, much like chords in music.

“I have attended many spiritual and metaphysical classes over the years which typically bring the Chakra system to light in one way or another but I have never had a teacher present it the way Paul did.  His innovated method of tying the Chakras to the musical scale and balancing the energy between each Chakra is extraordinary! His thought process on how to recognize where in your body you are feeling or storing a sensation such as fear, hate, loss, etc. and learning how to release it is very healing. Feeling love, joy, happiness, etc. is brought to the forefront and leaves you feeling phenomenal! I am please to say that this class is fabulous in every way!  I highly recommend this class to all Energy Healers of all types and all levels of students on their path to enlightenment and joy!”

Karen N.

San Pedro, CA


  •  The 13 Chakra system and the 7 major Chakras
  • The nature,  geometries and structure of the Chakras
  • The correspondences of each Chakra including:                                                                   note, color, element, rights, powers, shadows and identities
  • Learn how the chakras are seats of consciousness and how to consult each one to help us create our lives
  • Learn to clearly sense the energy of the Chakras
  • Balance and shift them through a combination of sound,  geometry and intention
  • Open up dialogue with the Chakras

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  •  How the Chakras work in dyads, triads and other “chords” like in music to create different states or “tonalities” of consciousness
  • How the qualities of Chakras and their different patterns can be used
  • Learn the music of our past:                                                                                                              How our chakras have created specific patterns  in our past  and                                     the effect they have had on us
  • Learn how to create the music of our future:                                                                                     How to activate, amplify and blend Chakra energies to create energetic states by our conscious choice rather than unconscious habit
  • Sense how Chakras work together in different ways to create different energetic “states”
  • Amplify certain Chakras and Chakra pairings to create the states that we desire and shift between them.  We will be exploring  Chakra pairings (harmonies) that are ideal for:   setting targets, energy clearing, creative projects and  deepening communication.

 “Clear, concise, inspiring…and so user friendly.  I’ve worked with my own chakras and others for years and what Paul taught me in a few short hours took my practice and understanding to whole new levels. A simple and  engaging class for all levels, from those who don’t know what a chakra is to those who have practiced for a while.  I never knew I was a “musician” of energy in quiet this way.  Feeling super good and my clients are moving mountains!  With deepest gratitude to you Paul for sharing this wisdom with us.”

Michelle M.R. 

Hollywood, CA

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE:                                                                                                                         This class is offered in 2 Different Formats                                                                                     One class is offered as a 4 hour intensive.                                                                                                       The other class is divided into TWO – 2 hour intensives on 2 different days                              Total Classroom Hrs: 4                                                                                                                               Please see schedule for how it will be offered in your area.

Tuition will be $55 for the 4 hour intensive.   When taught separately, the tuition for part 1 is $33 and if part 2 is paid for on that same day it will be an additional $22 equaling the $55 of the 4 hour intensive.  If the two sessions are paid for as two separate classes it’s $33 each.  It’s highly recommended that both parts be taken, even if you have a lot of experience with the Chakras.  This is because in part 1 we lay the foundation that we use in part 2.  If you have been doing a lot of work with the Chakras, some of part 1 may be familiar to you, and remember that repetition is the mother of all skill.

PREREQUISITES:                                                                                                                                                    Having some experience with meditation and some sense of energy in your own body is helpful.  I have designed the class so that anyone can benefit, even if they aren’t quite sure of what a chakra is!  Each process and meditation provides a platform for the next.  In this way, by the end of the class we can be in a very different place than when we started as teh result of many small shifts and expansions.  Be willing to participate with an open mind. This is an experiential and informative class.  Be prepared to take notes and do processes, meditations and experiments.

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