All Meetups are two hours long and the tuition is $25

Expand your consciousness for pizza money!

For information on upcoming Meetups, you can click the link below each description to go to the group page on  Events are also listed on my Upcoming Classes and Workshops page.

Los Angeles NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Meetup

This group is for anyone who would like to up their game in any or all aspects of life. We will be meeting twice per month and exploring different tools and processes from NLP (Nero-Linguistic Programming) practicing them as a group and sharing our experiences.
Some areas include:

  • How to shift states easily (be able to go from neutral to inspired, curious, joyful, etc.)
  • Learning to amplify positive memories and take the impact out of difficult ones
  • Gain the ability to create rapport with others
  • Discover how to set goals in a more holistic way where you feel pulled towards them rather than overwhelmed or like you are pushing a rock up a hill
  • How to increase your enjoyment of what serves you and is healthy and decrease or eliminate your craving for what isn’t
  • Accelerated Learning Strategies and techniques
  • How to discover the strategies used either consciously or unconsciously by anyone who is great at something (eliciting a strategy). Once you learn the strategy you can play with this template to make it your own to help you perform at a higher level.

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Los Angeles Sacred Geometry Meetup

This meetup will be focused on learning to draw different Sacred Geometric designs like The Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube as well as others. We will be also discussing how to actually use Sacred Geometry to help you expand your life.

  • How to create Sacred Geometry
  • Many applications of Sacred Geometry
  • The Flower of Life as a map of perceptual positions and tool for creativity
  • Metatron’s Cube as the basis of the Platonic Solids
  • The Platonic Solids and the elements
  • The Golden Ratio in nature and art
  • The relationship between the Fobbonacci Series and The Golden Ratio
  • Toriodial Fields and VBM (Vortex Based Mathematics)

And much more…

I have studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek who wrote The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life and am one of his certified teachers who teach his work. This group is geared to be a group where we learn to create and have lots of great discussions as a group.

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Los Angeles Alchemy Meetup

In this group we will be focusing on many facets of transformation, from the more esoteric aspects to simple principles of change.  Above all, we will be looking at how the practices of different traditions and levels of alchemy can help us transform and expand ourselves and our lives.  Academic discussion can be valuable, but we will always take principles of alchemy and actively apply it to ourselves and our lives to make real shifts.

We live in times that are both powerful and challenging.  I feel that through exploring the different aspects of transformation we can both find ways to move harmoniously through our lives and also be a catalyst for change in our families, community and the world.

We live in a throw away culture and all too often, when things get difficult, we leave.  When things stop working, we throw them out.  Through learning about and mastering the art and practices of transformation we can shape and shift our reality to match our heart’s desire rather than fighting or resisting it.

Below is a list of different subjects that we will be covering in the course of our Meetups.  Each session will have a very specific focus to allow us to do deep.

Here are some of the areas we will be focusing on in our Meetups:

– Internal energetic alchemical practices from the Taoist, Egyptian and Hindu Traditions

– Mental and Emotional Alchemy: practices to help us shift our thoughts and emotions to higher states

– Alchemical aspects of Psychology including Jung’s work on Alchemy as related to psychology

– Selected Alchemical Manuscripts Discussion and Application:  I’m the librarian at the Hermes Rosicrucian Lodge here in LA.  I have access to the materials in the library as well as a 16 volume set of alchemical manuscripts on varying subjects.  The focus will always be on taking principles that may seem abstract and applying them in such a way to improve our lives.  As Hermes said “As Above, So Below.  As within, so without”

– The Alchemy of Culturing and Probiotics: I am always doing experiments with culturing and fermenting foods and creating my own probiotics including water kefir.  We can discuss different methods of primary and secondary fermentation techniques and the effects they facilitate.

– Lab Work: I studied both Metaphysical Alchemy and practical lab work at Rosicrucian Park in San Jose.  I will have to see to what extent I can include lab work into the Meetup but we may possibly include a Meetup on distilling essential oils and other compounds from plant sources.

– Precipitation and use of ORMUS: I make and take ORMUS and there are some powerful things that can be experienced from both processes.  This is another thing that is less intensive than lab work, but I will still find a way to teach it as I feel it’s really important.

This is a preliminary list based on what my training and experience is at this point.  I love having discussions with groups at Meetups and always ask what attendees would most like to explore together and lean towards those areas in the future.

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