Using Questions to Expand Your Life and Consciousness

We all ask and answer questions all of the time, the problem is that a lot of times we ask them unconsciously and as a result, create our life from the same place of unconsciousness.

When we get past the simple closed ended, yes/ no type of question to the more powerful open ended type we may come to a couple of realizations:

1. The quality of the question, whether empowering or dis-empowering, will determine what can show up as a result.

2. The more open the open ended question is,  the more potential power there is in it.

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Questions Are Programs

When I was asking myself about questions and how best to use them I found a strange parallel in computer programming.  They have a saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out” which means that any errors that creep into a program will always cause errors in the output.  This is exactly like when we ask dis-empowering questions.  Those limiting beliefs will cause any answers that come up as a result to be limiting as well.

Another parallel with programming is that we are constantly asking ourselves questions and usually at a subconscious level and that those questions create a large part of our lives.   These unconscious and unexamined questions that end up running the show function like a program running in the background of a computer and directing its behavior.  We may feel more and more helpless by the results that we are living because we lost sight of the fact that we are creating them.

We are limited only by the questions we haven’t thought to ask. – PR

Using Energy to Find Truth, Tweak Questions and Weigh Options

The body can be a powerful ally in detecting truth.  If we say something that is true, our body and it’s energy will feel fuller, if we say something that is false or distorted, we may feel a constriction or hollowness in our energy.  We can use awareness of energy to detect how true any statement is as well as how empowering our questions are.  Dr. David R. Hawkins has done some amazing work in this area and has found that a person can whether something is true or false through muscle testing.  This is only the result of the muscles being stronger in response to truth because of the increased energy running through the system.

Because we can feel low energy when asking ourselves disempowering questions or having limiting or fearful thoughts, this leads us to a powerful truth:

Disempowering questions and thoughts are not true, they are literally lies.

We are truly unlimited beings.  There is nothing we cannot be, do, or have.  When we ask our selves disempowering questions or function from limitation, our bodies tell us very clearly that those thoughts are false.

I encourage you to play around with this and get a sense of what truth feels like vs something false.  You can also use this to weigh decisions.  You can just imagine yourself as having chosen choice A and then do the same for choice B and see which one has a more expansive energy to it.   The one with the more expanded energy will do more to expand your life as well.

Allowing More Space

The more space we allow ourselves when we ask a question the more we open ourselves up for change.  It’s kind of like how empty spaces on a bookshelf beg to be filled with books.  The more we can ask a question, be curious and stay in the question as answers and content come up, the more we allow ourselves to receive.

Space = Allowing and Receiving

Have you ever been talking to someone, tried to remember a name and drew a blank?  It was on the tip of your tongue and no matter how hard you tried, it wouldn’t come.  It was only later that the answer would pop into your mind.  This is because in moving away from  “trying to think of the answer” and into space and allowing that it was able to pop into your consciousness.  A good test taking technique is to skip over any questions that are confusing and come back to them later.  This is for the same reason; moving past the tough questions allows the subconscious mind to work on them and the focus on other questions allows the space for the answer to show up.

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Thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Paul Reimers

P.S. Click on the following names (links) for more on David R. Hawkins or Noah St. John.





4 thoughts on “Using Questions to Expand Your Life and Consciousness

  1. Great to hear from you, Paul – you are so full of positive energy!! I love your spin on the topic. Practical and useful when life seems to pen us in. “What great possibilities am I not seeing about situation ‘x’?”

    Big hug,

    1. Hey Yuk,

      Great to hear from you again and thanks for your comment! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. Questions is one of those topics that can be so powerful when we know how to use them and they are so often taken for granted that we overlook all of that potential.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve read and really enjoyed The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life volumes. I recently saw a flyer for your workshop, but I had already missed those dates. Are you having that four-day workshop again any time soon and where, if yes? Oh, and how much does it cost?
    Thanks so much in advance for your reply and look forward to attending when available.
    Take care-

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