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For those who are drawn to the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop, I recommend checking out the books written by my teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, especially Living in the Heart which is the focus of this workshop.

For more books by Drunvalo, just visit Drunvalo’s Amazon Page

Here are some other books that I highly recommend and and a little bit about each one:

Books on Consciousness and Meditation

This book Awakening the Mind is essential to anyone who meditates or who is interested in expanding their consciousness.  This book shows ways to help quiet the mind easily while meditating, explains the different brain wave patterns of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta as well as meditations to amplify any of them as well as bringing them into balance and harmony.  I have drawn on the information in this book to help understand and coach people in my workshops through different states of consciousness to help them get to where they need to go.  One key point is that Alpha brain waves act as a bridge between Theta which is where a lot of powerful shifts and healing occurs and Beta which is our normal waking consciousness.  Without enough Theta, the shifts may be shallow and without enough Alpha, the knowing of these shifts won’t reach our normal waking consciousness to Beta.   This building of a bridge between these states make the experience of meditating as well as dream work much easier and the results more rapid and powerful.

Another thing that is great about this book is that there are a number of meditations written in this book that incorporate both guided imagery (provided) and translation imagery (generated in the moment from within the one meditating). Now that most people have smart phones, you can read through the short meditations and record them with your phone and then drop into the exercises using your own recorded voice as a guide.

Integral Life Practice

I love Ken Wilber and Integral Life Practice as “Spiritual Cross Training” is essential reading!  The idea behind this book is simple: balanced development  of our core capacities has a ripple effect throughout our life.  Not only does this approach create more balanced development, but it has been found that individuals will progress more quickly in each area when in combination with the right mix of practices than they would be done in isolation.  When people would say to Ken Wilber that they wanted to just meditate because they didn’t have time to do a number of  practices Ken would reply “We don’t have enough time not to.  This is the quick route.  Simply trying to take one developmental line and and push it into God is very ineffective.”

In this approach, there are four essential modules of Mind, Body, Spirit and Shadow.  We choose one or more practices for each of these core modules to do one or more times per week to expand these core capacities.  In addition, we then can decide which areas we would like to expand in as well.  This book is a great guide to the full range of this practices, many of which can be done in one or two minutes, but whose effect over time can be powerful.

Books on Imagery

In The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, Dr. Gerald Epstein provides over 2,000 short imagery exercises grouped by theme.  For those of you who would like to jump into imagery work, this is an essential book.

The first time I ever did this type of imagery work was with Claudette Melchizedek in a 3 day workshop I attended with her in Sedona.  I had been meditating for decades at that point and thought it always required about 15 – 30 minutes to have a powerful meditation.  What Claudette shared were short and powerful imagery meditations that lasted about a minute or less!  Dr. Epstein’s teacher was Claudette’s teacher’s teacher so this book is part of this same lineage and it is very powerful and shows that some of the most powerful shifts are about generating imagery and shifting understanding and occur outside of time.

In Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming Catherine Shainberg who was Claudette Melchizedek’s teacher shares powerful imagery exercises as well as processes like Reversing as well as the difference between primary emotions and secondary emotions which are more of a reaction or a “bouncing” from an authentic emotion to secondary ones.  Just knowing how this happens can have a great impact on how we think and bring more light to our responses.

The Einstein Factor is one of the best books on how to make internal imagery more clear. When I first heard about the book, I wasn’t very interested because it seemed like a generic book on intelligence and ways to “Boost Your IQ”. When I looked further I was surprised by what I found. In this book, Win Wenger shows a number of ways to open up our sensing of our internal world, especially through imagery. In my workshops, one challenge that some people have is sensing internal imagery in a way that is clear and consistent. I have learned so much from Win’s approach and have some of his techniques to coach students to give them more clarity in seeing imagery internally. What’s especially beautiful is that he has ways to help people “trick” their brains into seeing internal imagery for people who may be more kinesthetic and feeling based rather than having strong internal imagery already accessible. In addition to this, he shows ways to help access higher intelligence and creativity in processes using imagery combined with intuition.

Books on Dowsing and Kinesiology

My first recommendation is the work of David Hawkins.  He was a true pioneer in consciousness and human potential.  His scale of human consciousness and writings on how it can be used are so powerful.  If you are new to his work, it’s always best to start with Power vs. Force as this shares the scale, how to muscle test and ways this can be applied to multiple areas of life, from spirituality to education and business.

My personal favorite is probably Transcending the Levels of Consciousness that give guidance for personal evolution up the scale of consciousness.

These next two  books, the Divining Mind and The Divining Heart are basically a full dowsing course in a slim two volumes.  In the Divining Mind, T. Edward Ross and Richard Wright give the fundamentals of dowsing as well as an overview of the stages of dowsing.  In the Divining Heart, Richard Wright and his wife Patricia go deeper into the higher stages of dowsing that start to incorporate spiritual unfolding and planetary stewardship.

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