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Welcome to the page for my program:

SEE: Subtle Energy Evolution

I am exited to offer this program which is focused on evolving your self and your life through becoming conscious of subtle energy & gaining the ability to direct and shift it.

I have found that Subtle Energy is the gateway between the physical and nonphysical, the actual and potential.

Before things become physically manifest  you can feel the energy of them if you know how.  If you are able to sense your own energy, you get a glimpse at what you are creating in your body and life and can make course corrections if needed to get the result you would prefer.

Here’s the online presentation I did recently on mental stillness using the motivational mechanism and feedback loops:

Module 1
Sensing and Building Energy

  • How to sense subtle energy flowing in and around the body
  • Directing energy: Using different visualizations and breathing methods to move energy into, out of and through the body
  • Building a strong center of energy, like a battery, that can be drawn on whenenever you like
  • How to use this center of energy to enjoy better results and have more enjoyable experiences while exercising, working or in any activity that requires energy
  • We will practice drawing, building and using energy
  • Learn the “Fully Awake” process to boost your energy level and wakefulness even if you are short on sleep

Module 2:
Segmenting and Layering

  • Introducing ILP, Integral Life Practice and how to use it for balanced growth
  • Developing and using a custom ILP to develop and expand the capacities that mean the most to you
  • Layering and Segmenting: Two tools that I have developed and how to use them along with the ILP to consistently expand yourself through your daily activities
  • Save time by not needing do always add more separate practices
  • Consistent expansion in what’s most important to you
  • Tap into greater awareness, flow and meaning in your daily life

Module 3:
Stilling the Mind
“Texturing Awareness”

  • This module shares various methods of stilling the mind
  • How to fit these methods and aspects together like puzzle pieces
  • This creates a synergy of energy and consciousness creating an“Emergent State”
  • I will share a principle and couple of techniques used in speed reading to increase mental focus and presence
  • How to use the subtle energy fields around the body to expand perception while increasing mental quiet and composure
  • Bring more presence, energy and joy into your meditations
  • How to maintain this heightened energetic and emotional state throughout your daily activities

Module 4:
Choice and Subtle Energy

  • How to use subtle energy as both a compass and a vehicle while charting your course
  • The “Optometrist’s method”: a tool that I have developed to help clarify the energies of choices
  • Learn how to end procrastination through energy resonance
  • Discover and shift  between different “Energetic Focal Points”

Module 5:
Uncovering Beliefs

  • How to sifting through the “Shadows”, those aspects of ourselves that are outside of our conscious awareness
  • Sensing light and shadow with energy to bring it into consciousness
  • How to sense and shift time frames to uncover limigint beliefs and transform or collapse them
  • We will be exploring layers and aspects of beliefs
  • “The SE Goal Method”: using subtle energy to work with setting goals so that they are exciting and magnetic and pull you towards them
  • “The Coin Flip Method” and how to use this to uncover unconscious points of view

Module 6:

  • Discover the “Energy Ecology” of Relationship
  • Understand and revitalize your relationships with self, Source & others
  • Subtle energy and it’s use in both seeking new relationships and expanding existing relationships
  • How to use “Flows, Aspects and Reciprocals”  to better understand the dynamics of your relationships
  • How to deepen your experience of relationships through authenticity and presence
  • How to expand relating to others through perception of subtle both yours and the other person’s

Module 7:
Shifting Behavior

  • The scale of choice and how to use it to mold and change your behavior easily
  • Using the concept of “Vibrational Relativity” to create patterns that support your life and easily avoid those behaviors that don’t
  • Change and the concept of “Metal Fatigue”
  • Playing with energy and consciousness vs. exerting will: change with ease

Module 8: Alchemy of Energy and Consciousness
Energetic Shifting
Thinking, Knowing & Embodying

  • This module uses all that we have learned up to this point to go from sensing which direction to go in to becoming the energy that you choose and creating the reality that you prefer
  • How to shift from thinking to knowing to embodying
  • The energetics of hope vs knowing
  • Learning to shifting between different possibilities and realities
  • How to mold and shift energy, consciousness and engage in the “play of becoming”

The Class:

  • Each week there is a live, interactive video conference

  • There are simple and incremental processes with each session that build throughout the course

  • Homework is given for each week to continue your progress and experience throughout the week

  • There will be a closed, Secret Facebook Group to allow students to ask questions and share experiences

  • Each live session will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group

  • For anyone who isn’t able to catch the live class either through schedule difficulty or you being in a different time zone, you will still have a full experience in being able to see the recording of the session, practice the homework and interact with the rest of the class through the Facebook group

  • I will make myself available for any questions you may have before and during the course

Tuition for 8 weeks

That’s $27.75 per week

About the cost of one yoga class per week

I offer two different options:

Tuition for 8 weeks

Tuition for 1st 4 weeks

Anyone can purchase the first 4 weeks and request to continue if they choose.  For them, I will send an invoice for another $155 for the 2nd half.  

If you choose either option and aren’t satisfied with your experience I will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

Class size will be small groups to allow a lot of interaction.  I will be working with registrants to find a time or times on Wednesdays that work best for each group.

Also, if you feel strongly that you would like to enroll but have a financial challenge I am happy to work out payment plans if needed.

You can email me at to be added to the waiting list for the next session which will start Fall 2016



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