Sun Gazing and Earthing

On this page, I provide info on how to connect deeply with the Sun and the Earth and benefit from all of the healing and connection that they offer.

Sun Gazing

Below are two brief videos on Sun Gazing that cover some of the benefits as well as address question of any possible damage.  Matt Wilcox, the person in the documentary  has someone monitor his brain activity while Sun Gazing  and at the end he has an optometrist examine his eyes to see if they are healthy and look for any possible damage.

Here’s a video with Hira Manek explaining his practice of Sun Gazing which is the method that I have been following for months and have experienced many profound shifts as the result.

In addition to Sun Gazing, Hira Manek in the above video talks about how you can receive even more benefits by charging water with the sun.   I have found that by setting water out to be charged with the sun that the water has a sweeter taste and smoother texture.

In addition to this, Hira recommends  walking barefoot on the ground.   This leads us to our next subject…


Connecting with the Earth as often as possible, either by standing or walking on the Earth or connecting through one of the Earthing products.

Below is a video with David Wolfe where he demonstrates how Earthing can neutralize EMF’s as well as provide a type of nutrition through the anti-oxidants that the Earth provides through a natural flow of electrons.

Here’s a video with Dr. Christy Westen who has worked with Clint Ober.  In this video she demonstrates the power of Earthing through showing the health of cut flowers, some which are grounded vs. those that aren’t.

Below is a link to Clint Ober’s classic book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!
In it he shows all of the healing properties of simply grounding yourself to the Earth, especially as an anti-inflammatory.  As you may already know, inflammation is at the core of many health challenges.

Here are some other Earthing products:

Connecting with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine through the Unity Breath Meditation

Below is my teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek guiding you through a powerful meditation called the Unity Breath.  In this meditation, you can connect with the consciousness of the Earth and the Sun and experience them as the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

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