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I am currently teaching classes on tuning and using the Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, NLP, being able to perceive and work with subtle energy as well as the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop.
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Los Angeles Alchemy Meetup Event:

Energetic Alchemy: From EFT to Qi Gong and More

Sunday November 19th from 2-4


In this next meetup we will be exploring how to transform energy in the body through two different means: clearing energy channels and harmonizing the energy of the major organs.

Both of these relate to Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I will be covering some of what has been discovered about how and why the system works this way as well as how to best use it.

In part 1 we will cover:

-The positive and negative energetic attributes of the major organs of the body

-The sound, color and posture that deep cleans each one

-Releasing the stuck energy that is unique to each

-How to uncover your personal patterns to understand which parts of your body could use extra attention

In part 2 we will cover:

-The meridian network and how it relates to emotional and energetic well-being

-How to use EFT to clear emotions as well as give the body a quick tune-up

-The makeup of the meridians and why EFT actually works

-The role of collagen and energy in the body

-How to use a special kind of breathing to be able to sense and increase the flow of energy in the meridians

This class will be very experiential.  Please bring something to take notes with as we will be covering some information.  We will then dive in and use the techniques and also have some discussion to answer any questions that may arise.

Tuition for this event is $25

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