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I am currently teaching classes on tuning and using the Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, NLP, being able to perceive and work with subtle energy as well as the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop.
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Los Angeles Alchemy Meetup Event:

Eastern Alchemies of the Heart, Mind and Body

Saturday July 22nd from 2-4

With all of the challenges that we are facing in the world today, there is more need than ever to find ways to heal the mind, body and heart.  Luckily, there are many different healing modalities out there to help us find our balance and let go of any obstacles to that greater harmony.

In this Meetup, we will be focusing on Buddhist and Taoist techniques that can help us to heal those aspects of ourselves.  These techniques are non-religious in nature so anyone from any religion can benefit from them.

These techniques are alchemical in nature, so they are about transforming and raising our energy and state of being rather than just labeling an energy as bad and seeking a way to vent it.  It’s similar to composting food scraps so that they can be transformed into something valuable rather than just throwing them away in the trash.

This Meetup will be experiential in nature where we will discuss the techniques then apply them together.  After, we will then discuss what everyone experienced and do some Q&A before moving to the next section.  Explanations are great but it’s in the processes that the shifts happen.

From the Buddhist tradition we will cover:

-How mindfulness helps rewire the brain to allow us to move from habitual fight, flight or freeze patterns to appreciation and joyfulness.

-How wisdom and compassion can work together to help us make powerful shifts.

-Being compassionate with ourselves and others to lessen resistance to change

From the Taoist tradition we will cover:

-The positive and negative emotions associated with the major organs

-The sounds we can use to liberate stuck energy from each organ

-The colors that help each organ regain balance

-Applying a higher vibrational energy to shift and liberate a lower one.

I am so excited to be presenting these two complimentary approaches to transforming our state of being and way of experiencing the world!

Tuition for this event is $25

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Los Angeles Sacred Geometry Meetup Event:

Sacred Form, Sacred Number

Saturday July 29th from 2-4

In this meetup we will be examining the sacred aspects of number to see how they relate to sacred geometry and provide a blueprint for creation.  We will also look at how numbers are embedded in The Flower of Life.

We will explore the unfolding complexity of life through:

The Monad and number 1: We will also explore how point and circle are relative and can be seen as octaves or iterations of the same thing.  Some mathematicians get abstract with certain properties of the number 1 and 0.  We will explore how this can be simplified with The Flower of Life and perceptual positions.

The Dyad and number 2: Duality, Polarity and the rise of differentiation

The Triad and number 3: The Trinity and the Law of the Triangle

The Tetrad and number 4: The square giving rise to the 4 elements and the 4 directions

The Pentad and number 5: Life springs from the Quintessence, the Fifth Element

We will also look at the masculine (odd numbers) and feminine (even numbers) aspects of number and how they relate to the Platonic Solids.  I have found an interesting aspect of the Platonic Solids and how the masculine and feminine elements come together in them which we will explore.

There is a strong relationship between the number 5 and the Pentagon as a number of sacred union between masculine (number 3) and feminine (number 2).  With the number 5 there is the Fifth element or Quintessence which is vital life energy.  We will also look at how the pentagon and pentagram relate to the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Mean Ratio.

Please bring a compass, ruler and something to take notes with as we will be drawing the pentagon using the compass method.  I will bring extra blank paper with me for drawing and notes.

There will be discussion and processes to ground this information in your understanding.

Tuition for this event is $25

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Los Angeles NLP Meetup Event:

Clearing Trauma and Old Difficult Emotions Using NLP, EFT and EMDR

Saturday August 5th from 2-4

Come join us if you would like to learn how to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together to clear the energy and emotion connected to our past experiences.  We will also be sharing the technique of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) which utilizes eye movements to clear trauma.  There have been great results reported using this modality to help with many conditions including PTSD.

We will cover:

-How Energy Psychology works to clear the energy around old and difficult memories

-How EFT actually works in the body

-How to use EFT to do a quick energy tune up of the body

-How to find and clear the energy connected to experiences we don’t consciously remember

-Using EFT and Releasing Techniques to lessen resistance and make taking action easier

-How EMDR works and the relation between it, NLP and EFT

-Reclaiming our natural state of ease and happiness through releasing layers of old energy and emotion

This event, like all of our others, is very experiential so we will be doing as much talking as needed to explain the basis of what we are doing but the bulk of it will be with doing processes to make the shifts during this Meetup while we are all together.  During this time we will also give you tools and techniques that you can keep using on your own.

The tuition for this event is $25

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

Los Angeles, CA  August  6th then the 11th-13th

The core of this event is showing participants how to generate a very high level of joy within themselves (high levels of alpha brain waves) and then how to create from that kind of space and energy.

How beautiful is that?

There are so many things that can be created from within this space of joy and from within the heart, but even being able to create this level of joy from a meditation alone is significant. So many times we chase after external things in order to experience general happiness and being able to get to an ecstatic level of joy from within while sitting in meditation is powerful.

This is possible because this unbounded joy is closer to our true nature than what we allow ourselves to experience most of the time. Usually we reserve this level of feeling only for the major events in our lives.

In this 4 day workshop you will learn how to:

Connect with your higher self and continue to work with them. This alone is extremely powerful. This workshop is only a the beginning of the work you can accomplish with this powerful connection. It’s like having constant access to a spiritual master who knows you intimately and is always focused on your growth and highest good.

Heal past emotional trauma

Work with imagery in exercises from the Blue School of Images that has its roots in Kabbalah

Work with the 13 Chakra system and how to use it to balance your body and energy

Enter the Sacred Space of the Heart – Where the Akashic Records of your Soul reside

Enter the Tiny Space of the Heart – Where the Universal Akashic Records reside – this is the place of unity that we all share, there is only one Tiny Space of the Heart and we all share it.

Open the 3rd Eye

Connect the heart and the 3rd eye and see with the “Single Eye of the Heart”

Move your consciousness around in your body for better self knowledge

Tap into an unlimited source of energy and healing for yourself and others

Create from the Tiny Space of the Heart from a place of Unity (create only what you desire) rather than through the polarity of the brain (always creates what you want as well as what you don’t want)

Live in the Tiny Space of the Heart

Activate energy centers in the head that increase intuition and trigger creation of the Human Halo

Activate the Merkaba (Human Lightbody) organically and permanently through the Heart Creation Process

Generate your own dream imagery from within your heart and use it to create from

Program the Merkaba

Take the next steps in the Ascension process

In addition to this, you will understand the intimate relationship of sacred geometry to creation, human consciousness and the heart.

We will focus on remembering who you are, how everything was created and how the creation process relates to ascension.

I am deeply grateful to be sharing this work with you. I am always amazed at the amount of transformation that is possible in only 4 days!

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